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a design studio guided by curiosity, creativity, and care—values that we believe elevate creative expression and learning in everyday life.


ideas, notions, and themes that we are exploring across all of our work

unconstructed environment


cultivate empathy with all things, find inspiration in the unknown

unconstructed people


elevate the personally meaningful experiences found in daily life

unconstructed tools


make complexity more accessible through explorative play

finding meaning

always changing, ever learning

making meaning

constructed environment


build relationships that center relationality over extraction

constructed people


create conditions where everyone sees themself in both process and outcomes

constructed tools


design systems that inspire the reassembly of parts to create new sums

Carl Bowman and Grif Peterson met while working in the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab in 2014 and connected over shared interests of education, public space, and music.



Boston, MA

amateur mycologist

Previously served as Director of Design at Scratch, the visual programming language and world's largest online community for kids. Carl has worked on creative products and experiences with LEGO, Google, Cartoon Network, Social Works, and Chicago Public Schools.


Phoenix, AZ

intermittent writer

Previously served as Executive Director at P2PU, a global network of peer learning communities. Grif has worked on business strategy and program operations with UNICEF Kyrgyzstan, Dokk1, Kenya National Library Service, Harvard Law School, and Chicago Public Library.

we collaborate with our partners and their communities to explore, re-imagine, and shape the world that they want to live in.


  • stakeholder mapping
  • community building
  • partnership engagement
  • program design


  • art direction
  • brand design
  • web design
  • info architecture


  • strategy & operations
  • UX / UI design
  • touchpoint mapping
  • research & development


  • strategic planning
  • organization startup
  • landscape analysis
  • fundraising strategy
  • email: ribbit@froghouse.co